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Sonas is a brand that believes in serving natural food to customers with zero adulteration. Every product is keenly examined by our dedicated Quality Check team at SGS accredited labs as soon as it reaches us. Only those products that meet our defined parameters are accepted. Production and processing of items are carried out at different portions of the facility to ensure the depth in flavours. Consistency in quality and continuous distribution of quantity has been the very key factor of the brand getting acceptance across our customers. Read More

Founded in 1992, Sona Roastery deals with the processing, packing and distribution of food products by the Sonas Brand. We are the largest enterprise in GCC that is chiefly specialized in the processing of South Indian snacks and roastery items. Sonas foods represent a dynamic new presence in the food world. We, the pioneers in South Indian snack products strive to spread healthy food in and around GCC. With our own factory in India, we emphasize on quality and hygiene in food. Our rapid growth in the past few years is a result of our desire to apply a fresh and unique vision to the food world. We are committed to bringing you a sumptuous repast of south Indian food, satisfying every wish of your tastebuds. We are passionate about the food we create and serve our customers. Read Less

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Sona Roastery is a part of Sonas Holdings. Our Vision is to establish Sonas as the premier curator of all services while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow. It all started the humble way in 1992, as a food enterprise company and now fast expanding by diversifying its endeavors in Real estate, Agrofoods, Retail, Investments and wholesale food exporting. Today keeping afresh it's valued Sonas group grew in leaps and bounds as a global brand.We are devoted to offering breakthrough services by providing many of our "value-add services" and excellent quality products to each and every customer.