Sonas endeavours to make cooking healthier for you with pure and natural flours. Enjoy your cooking time with quality ingredients and without second thoughts.

  • Atta Flour

    500g, 900g, 1Kg

  • Beason/Gram Flour

    350g, 700g

  • Beason/Gram Flour Fine

    350g, 500g, 700g, 1Kg

  • Burgol(M)

    350g, 500g

  • Burgol(S)

    350g, 500g

  • Maida Flour

    500g, 900g, 1Kg

  • Rice Powder

    500g, 800g, 1Kg

  • Steamed Puttu Podi

    1Kg, 5Kg

  • Pathiri Podi

    1Kg, 5Kg